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Use Systems and Automation to streamline your Business.

The tRuth behind saving more time and making more money in your business; is systems and automation.

Transform Your Business Operations

Are you physically spending tons of time working within your business because of the overload of manual tasks? 

Realizing that you're slipping through the cracks on other areas of your business that are of higher priority, such as scaling?

If your business operations lack efficiency, doesn't provide transparency, and you find yourself partaking in REDUNDANT and REPETITIVE tasks, then automation is where the conversation starts.

Automation unlocks the potential of your employees, as well as your business. The more repetitive tasks can be automated, the more you can focus your talents on higher level strategic work that will allow you to scale your business at a faster rate. Finding ways to automate your business may not be of top priority on your to do list, fortunately we've got you covered. Whether you're implementing automations for the first time or looking for ways to make your existing platform work more seamlessly, tRuth Automations are your best resource.


Do You Spend Tons Of Time...

  • Working on the same administrative tasks over and over and over again, leaving you feeling as though you haven't accomplished much?

  • Sending individual emails manually to your clients?

  • Within your business that it's taking time away from your life outside of business?

  • Worrying about how you're going to be able to take your business to the next level?

  • Feeling overwhelmed or pressured by fast approaching deadlines?

If your looking to take back control of your time, delegate tasks, have a consistent workflow, and focus your time on growing and expanding your business, It's time that you invest in automations.

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The Benefits of Automating Your Business


Once you understand which processes can and cannot be automated, as well as how to build a dynamic workflow for yourself, your business, and your team, you can take advantage of what automations has to offer.

The sooner you put automations in place, regardless of how small or large your business is, the sooner you will reap the benefits of your business processes.

Improved Efficiency & Productivity

With every added automation, it eliminates the possibilities of mistakes, and your business is more streamlined by removing the redundant and repetitive manual tasks.

Improved Employee and Customer Satisfaction

You and your employees are able to focus on more important projects that will help with scaling your business. And you'll have happier customers since they will receive more accurate and consistent communications.

Reduced Time and Costs

Automation helps your business reduce costs and increase profitability, especially in the responsibilities related to manual processes. It's easy to save time and money on the resources needed to complete those processes.

Easily Identify Errors

Process Automations can help you to identify errors  and gaps within your business workflow. The use of triggers and detection errors can help to greatly reduce human error.

Consistent Quality

Automations ensure that your systems are aligned symmetrically so that all activities are executed with an optimum level of consistency.

Increases Scalability

Automating your business processes will allow for your business model to operate the same whether you have a sudden increase in clientele or very minimal, which in return will help your business to scale more effectively.

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Most ask, What Kind of Business Can be Automated?

Any business can be automated, regardless of the industry. We've worked with several different businesses that come from a variety of different industries. The owner, Ruth Sellers, needed to come up with a solution for her own business after spending countless hours, days, weeks and months performing redundant tasks within her own credit repair business, Prosperity 1st Financial. It wasn't until she started automating her own business that she'd realized that many others within the industry were facing the same dilemma, spending too much time on tasks that could be automated. Ruth than began to offer her services to her fellow colleagues which then led to the formation of Truth Automations.

Regardless of your industry, if you are interested in having an efficient workflow customized and your business automated, you've stumbled across the perfect solution...Truth Automations!

What Kind of Business Can Be Automated

Explore How Automations Can Push Your Business To Its Full Potential

How It Works (Done For You)


Complete our in-depth intake form so that we have an understanding beforehand of what exactly it is that your business needs. This will also help us get to know what additional benefits we may be able to shed light on, and help you fill in the gaps before we get to building out your systems.


During the consultation call, we will review the information that you submitted on the intake form to ensure that it accurately aligns with the vision you had in mind. We will do a process mapping session. We will also make any recommendations if we find that a different workflow would benefit you, as well as confirm that we have access to all of the necessary platforms to build out your automations.


You can sit back and relax for now. By now, we have mapped out the processes and pinpointed the pain points within your business. This is the part that you have been dreading doing yourself. You can now take a break and relax during this point in the process. This process is solely our responsibility!


Your automations have been built out and tested for error, efficiency and accuracy. We will hand over your completed project to your newly built and customized processes.


As an added bonus, we have screen recorded a walkthrough of your entire automation workflow. What good are automations if you don't know how to maintain them after our job is done? We want to ensure that you can successfully run and operate your business for your to come with the systems that we have customized. You will be able to refer back to your detailed training video at any time.


What People Are Saying

Let us show you how we can help free you from mundane, repetitive, error-prone tasks, so you can focus on scaling.


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At The Conclusion Of Services You'll Have:

A Streamlined processes and workflows

Automations that allow you to run your business more efficiently

Systems in place that will allow you to effectively scale your business

Comfort in knowing that your business can operate without you being so hands on

Automations designed by someone who once walked in your shoes

Interested In Automating Your Business? 

Be in Touch

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