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We here at Truth Automations, LLC value the relationship we have with all of our clients. We are in business to provide you with the absolute best service. Fees for this service must be paid prior to services being rendered.  Turnaround times are listed under each package for the completion of your services. The time will start from the end of your consultation call. Turnaround times are based on business days which are M-F, not including holidays. 


Full Payment is due upon signing up for services unless you choose a customizable plan. You acquiring your systems needed for automation is not included in the payment to Truth Automations, LLC. You are responsible for purchasing and subscribing to all systems needed to setup your automations. Your payment is for automations only. You may request a refund 24 hours after payment has been confirmed received from Truth Automations, LLC. Once services are completed you cannot receive a refund. 


 By purchasing one or more services from us, you AGREE to all fees associated with the service rendered by Truth Automations, LLC and paying for said services. All Chargebacks will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

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